🎇Utility and Benefits

The $APPA token is an essential part of the Dappad Launchpad ecosystem, designed to provide tangible and versatile benefits to its holders. In this section, we will explore the numerous utilities and benefits that come with owning and using $APPA tokens.

Each feature and benefit has been carefully designed to enhance the user experience, contribute to the growth of the platform and encourage community engagement. From governance and voting rights to exclusive access to new launches, the $APPA token serves as the key to unlocking the full potential of Dappad Launchpad.

Here we present a selected list of utilities and benefits available to $APPA token holders, reflecting our commitment to helping empower our users:

  1. Participate in pre-sales of projects launched on the Dappad platform. This ensures early access to promising projects and potential investment opportunities.

  2. Snapshot DAO Voting: Holding Appa tokens grants voting power during DAO governance decisions. Token holders can participate in snapshot voting to influence decisions related to the development and direction of the Dappad ecosystem.

  3. Gas Token Utility: Appa tokens serve as gas tokens within the Dappad ecosystem. Users can utilize these tokens to pay for transaction fees and network costs when interacting with Dappad and other DappLabs products.

  4. AA Wallet Integration: With the introduction of the AA Wallet mobile app, Appa tokens unlock a plethora of functionalities on the go. Users can seamlessly engage in transactions, access exclusive features, and manage their digital assets directly from their mobile devices.

  5. Discounts and Fee Reductions: Token holders may receive discounts or fee reductions when using certain services or platforms within the ecosystem. This can incentivize users to acquire and hold the token.

  6. Tiered Wallet Access: $APPA holders' wallets or smart accounts suitable for account abstraction's customizable user permissions. Therefore, a wallet owner can assign and revoke dynamic roles such as 'admin,' 'user,' 'supervisor' for the same account. System developers can also define spending limits for all users of the wallet and freeze accounts in case of potential threats. This can be extremely useful for accounts managed by different types of organizations.

  7. Spending limits: Holding $APPA token provides ability to set spending limits for smart accounts through Account Abstraction. This allows you to define how much funds can be transacted/withdrawn in a given period. With spending limits in place, even if a hacker gains access to the account, the potential damage is limited. Users can customize the spending limit to require multi-signature confirmation for a larger transaction. They can also prevent overspending by setting spending limits for specific dApps and customize them as they wish.

By incorporating Appa tokens into various aspects of the Dappad ecosystem, including pre-sales, governance, transaction fees, and mobile app integration, we ensure that token holders enjoy comprehensive benefits and utility across the DappLabs ecosystem.

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