👨‍💻Development Roadmap

We are building a launchpad that supports also L2 networks and we wanted to do something different. We implemented account abstraction model, that streamlines user experiences, enabling more straightforward interactions without compromising security.

We are developing our product for 2 years and waited for the right market conditions. We are following the market trends, new technologies, new hypes and shape our structure accordingly.

Our next moves will be as follows (but not limited to):

  • Dappad will be a multichain launchpad that supports more than 20 chains except for zkSync

  • Thanks to the technological architecture and smart wallet authentication, Dappad will also expand it's borders into non-EVM chains such as BRC-20, Aptos, Sui, Solana, Cosmos and etc.

  • Dappad will launch its innovative AA Wallet - Mobile App to facilitate the Web3 world. This mobile app will be the first Account Abstraction (AA) based platform that combines both a wallet and a mobile app.

  • Effortlessly manage fees in our ecosystem with our unique paymaster, supporting both APPA and ERC20 tokens as gas options.

  • Experience Enhance transactions with optimized batch processing and account abstraction for a seamless, cost-effective ecosystem.

  • Kick off the Dappad mobile app journey – a revolutionary era in decentralized experiences begins.

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