🔰Regulatory Framework


The Dappad Launchpad is committed to operating in compliance with applicable laws and regulations in each jurisdiction where it operates. This regulatory framework outlines the approach and measures taken to comply with legal requirements, particularly concerning restricted countries.


This document applies to all users, developers, and partners of the Dappad Launchpad. It covers the issuance, sale, and distribution of digital assets, including tokens, within our platform.

Compliance Policy

1. User Eligibility and Verification

1.1 Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML): All users must undergo KYC and AML verification processes to ensure compliance with global standards.

1.2 Restricted Countries: Users from countries identified as restricted are not permitted to participate in token sales or use the Dappad Launchpad services. The list of restricted countries is subject to change based on evolving legal and regulatory landscapes.

2. Restricted Countries

The Dappad Launchpad restricts users from the following countries (the "Restricted Countries") from participating in certain activities on the platform:

  • North Korea

  • Iran

  • Syria

  • Sudan

  • Cuba

  • Crimea Region of Ukraine

  • Any other country under sanctions by the United Nations, the United States, the European Union, or any other relevant sanctions authority.

3. Compliance Measures

3.1 Monitoring and Enforcement: The Dappad Launchpad will monitor transactions for signs of suspicious activities and enforce restrictions based on geographic location and user verification status.

3.2 Sanctions Compliance: The Dappad Launchpad will adhere to the sanctions lists and directives issued by relevant authorities, adjusting the list of Restricted Countries as necessary.

3.3 Legal Updates: The Dappad Launchpad will regularly review and update its compliance policies to reflect changes in laws and regulations.

4. Data Protection and Privacy

4.1 Data Privacy: The Dappad Launchpad is committed to protecting user privacy and personal data in accordance with GDPR and other applicable privacy laws.

4.2 Data Use and Sharing: Personal data collected through KYC and AML processes will be used strictly for compliance purposes and will not be shared with unauthorized third parties.

Dispute Resolution

In the event of a dispute related to the interpretation or application of this regulatory framework, the dispute shall be resolved through arbitration or a competent jurisdiction, as determined by the Dappad Launchpad's legal team.


This regulatory framework may be amended from time to time. Users will be notified of any significant changes through the Dappad Launchpad's official communication channels.


The Dappad Launchpad is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of legal and regulatory compliance. By participating in the Dappad Launchpad, users agree to adhere to this regulatory framework and all applicable laws and regulations.

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