⚑AA Wallet - Mobile App

Dappad will launch its innovative AA Wallet - Mobile App to facilitate the web3 world. This mobile app will be the first Account Abstraction (AA) based platform that combines both a wallet and a mobile app. Aiming to make investing in early-stage web3 projects as simple and straightforward as web2 investment tools, Dappad will address common issues in web3 by leveraging the features offered by AA.

⚑️Custom Paymaster and ERC20 Support

Dappad will provide Custom Paymaster support to its users through AA Wallet - Mobile App. This support will offer the possibility to use ERC20 tokens and the native APPA token as gas fees, optimizing transactions and increasing cost-efficiency. The app will also offer the option to use various project tokens as gas fees during certain events, improving users' trading experience with discounts.

⚑️Multi-Signature Transactions and Smart Wallet Integration

Dappad will integrate multi-signature transactions for organizational structures such as crypto wallets, DAOs, projects and companies into its mobile app. Through smart accounts powered by AA, transactions that require a certain minimum participant consent will be able to be set up, providing a higher level of security and shared control over financial activities.

⚑️Social Recovery System Using the AA framework

Dappad will incorporate a Social Recovery system into its app that moves away from the traditional dependency on a single private key or seed phrase. This innovative feature will make it easy for users to regain access to their accounts with the help of trusted people or devices in case they lose their original key.

⚑️Tiered Wallet Access and Customizable Permissions

Dappad's AA Wallet - Mobile App will allow wallet owners to assign specific roles such as 'admin,' 'user' and 'auditor. This flexibility will offer dynamic control according to the needs of different users and organizational structures. It will also offer a customized and secure environment for managing digital assets, including the ability to freeze accounts under potential threat scenarios.

⚑️Spending Limits and Sponsored Gas Fees

Dappad will allow users to set spending limits for their smart accounts, limiting the potential damage from unauthorized access. It will also enable a more seamless and accessible web3 interaction with the Sponsored Gas Fees feature, which allows project owners to cover transaction fees for users.

With these comprehensive features, Dappad's AA Wallet - Mobile App will offer a unique web3 experience by combining ease of use, security and interactivity on a single platform. This initiative demonstrates a commitment to advancing accessibility and interactivity in the blockchain space and signals a new era of user-friendly blockchain applications.

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