🔎Regular Audits and Compliance

At Dappad+, we know that security is the key to trust in the blockchain space. That's why we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance. Recognizing the importance of these aspects, we partnered with CertiK, a leader in blockchain security, to conduct comprehensive audits.

CertiK is at the leading edge of blockchain security and offers peace of mind through their strict auditing process. Their expertise not only helps identify potential vulnerabilities, but also ensures that our platform follows security best practices. By engaging CertiK for our audits, we leverage their powerful technology and expertise to examine our smart contracts and systems, ensuring they are robust and secure against attacks.

We are also committed to transparency and will soon publish reports on all CertiK services. This move is part of our effort to provide our community with clear information about our security posture and the measures we take to protect their interests. The publication of these reports is a testament to our commitment to security and our belief in the strength of CertiK's audit services. Report : https://skynet.certik.com/projects/dappad

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