Collaboration and integration with these chains allows us to provide a rich and versatile experience, enhance the capabilities of our platform, and enable our users to benefit from the unique strengths of each integrated blockchain. Here is a list of the chains we have integrated into our products, each contributing to the broad and dynamic nature of Dappad Launchpad and DappLabs' other products:

Ethereum, zkSync, Linea, Starknet, Scroll, LayerZero, Wormhole, Stargate, Particle, Li-Fi, Fantom, Base, PGN, Aurora, ZetaChain, Mantle, Polygon zkEVM, Optimism, Arbitrum, Binance Smart Chain, Moonriver, Conflux, Zora, Harmony, Manta, Tomo, Blast, OKX Chain, XPLA, Tenet, Router, Mode, Kava, Telos, Horizen, Orderly, Gnosis Chain, Canto, Core DAO, Metis, Meter, Klytn, Astar, DFK & more!

Even if not every chain is currently integrated into Dappad Launchpad, we are shaping our future plans accordingly and will add new chains based on our users' requests and technological architecture compatibility.

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