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DAPPAD Governance Nft Collection

Dappad Launchpad Governance NFT Series: How NFTs Can Be Used in the Governance of a Launchpad Project

Dappad, a decentralized incubator for blockchain projects, has launched the Launchpad Governance NFT Series, which offers a new way for investors and community members to participate in the governance of launchpad projects. The Launchpad Governance NFT Series is a collection of unique NFTs that represent ownership in the governance of launchpad projects.
Governance Rights:
  • NFT holders can vote on important decisions such as which projects to fund, how to allocate resources, and how to distribute rewards.
  • This gives NFT holders a level of control and influence not possible in traditional investment models.
  • The Launchpad Governance NFT Series brings a more democratic and transparent approach to launchpad governance.
Benefits and Incentives:
  • NFT holders have access to a range of benefits and incentives such as airdrops of tokens, participation in pre-sales, a share of profits from funded projects, and prizes and rewards through lotteries or incentive programs.
  • NFT holders become part of a wider network of investors and community members invested in the success of Launchpad projects.
Fund Pool:
  • The seed funds of Dappad.App will be held in a transparent fund pool accessible to the entire community.
  • The size of this fund pool will be around $150,000 to $250,000, equivalent to 20% of the total funding raised.
  • Only the 1200 NFT owners will be eligible to benefit from this fund pool.
  • To increase the seed fund treasury, limited investments from NFT owners will be accepted, and profits from launchpad-funded projects will be added to the treasury simultaneously.
  • The base fund pool will be increased to finance more projects, providing greater rewards for stakeholders and community experts.
  • Operations to grow the Dappad.APP ecosystem will be fully supported through voting.
Fund Pool Functioning:
  • Each project selected for seed financing and incubation programs will receive a maximum investment of $75,000 in exchange for a 3% token contract of the funded projects.
  • The acceptance threshold for project investment proposals will only be met if 80% of the votes are in favor of investing in projects preferred by the majority of the community.
  • 40% of the tokens received from funds will be allocated to growing the fund pool for additional project funding.
  • 35% of the tokens generated from incubated projects will be distributed to staking NFT holders.
  • 15% of the tokens will be allocated to community engagement program rewards.
  • 10% of the tokens will be allocated to Dappad operations.
  • This methodology ensures that the fund pool has a sustainable and growing model to support the benefits of all parties involved, including shareholders, projects, expert community, and Dappad.App growth.
  • These allocations will be made through an automated separator smart contract on the blockchain to ensure that this distribution is permissionless and entirely transparent.