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Dappad Benchmark Milestones

  • Successfully complete the integration of Dappad Launchpad with the zkSync Ecosystem, enabling projects to be launched and gain visibility on the platform.
  • Develop and launch a minimum viable product (MVP) for Dappad Launchpad, including key features such as project listing, investment opportunities, and basic analytics and reporting.
  • Demonstrate early community growth and engagement by reaching at least 5,000 users on the platform.
  • Host and promote at least 5 high-quality projects on the Dappad Launchpad platform, thus demonstrating the platform’s ability to attract and support innovative projects.
  • Achieve a user retention rate of at least 20% after the first 3 months of operation, demonstrating that users find the platform valuable and engaging in the long term.
  • Generate at least $50,000 in revenue from fees and commissions charged on the platform, demonstrating the platform’s ability to generate sustainable revenue streams.
  • Implement security features such as two-factor authentication, smart contract auditing and other security measures to ensure the safety of users’ funds and data.
  • Receive positive feedback and ratings from at least 50% of users in user surveys and reviews, which will serve to demonstrate a high level of user satisfaction and trust in the platform.
  • These metrics milestones will guide the Dappad Launchpad team and the zkSync community in measuring the project’s success in achieving its goals of fostering growth and innovation in the zkSync ecosystem, while providing a safe and reliable platform for users and investors.